Inforce Service Forms

The “Service Request Forms Builder” on Penn Mutual’s website will provide you with current versions of inforce applications and service forms. Follow the directions below to utilize this tool:

  1. Log onto .
  2. On the upper right hand corner, select “Producers Place” from the drop down menu.
  3. Select “Service Request Forms Builder” on the right side of the next screen:
  4. Once in the forms builder, pick your state and the type of service for your product. The system will present you with the forms you need and package them into a single PDF that you can open on your screen or e-mail to yourself and others.
  5. Print or save the forms needed on your local device or email the forms by clicking on the “email” pushbutton on the right of the screen.
  6. If you cannot locate the form needed, call Penn Mutual Texas Region or the Home Office Producer toll-free number: 800-873-7654.