Advanced Sales Solutions

Selling in the advanced markets to sophisticated clients with complex financial needs can present special challenges for even experienced producers. We can help you simplify the process, and provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

The Texas Region’s advanced sales services include individual case consultation and case design, preparation of sales proposals and providing marketing materials. Along with Penn Mutual’s Advanced Sales team, we are committed to providing our producers with the support they need to be successful in the advanced markets. Below are some of the areas in which we can offer expert assistance:

  • Consultation and Sales Support The Texas Region will provide timely service to producers through phone consultation, case design, and proposal preparation on large or complex cases.
  • Sales Concepts Penn Mutual develops information, sales materials and programs that focus on estate planning, business succession planning and buy-sell agreements, deferred compensation and other selective employee benefit plans, charitable trusts, split dollar insurance, “stretch” IRAs, 412(e)(3) pension plans, and other sophisticated planning strategies.
  • Education and Training “Real world” application of advanced sales concepts are addressed through Penn Mutual programs and materials such as the Premier Symposiums, web-conferencing, technical reference guides, and seminars for field offices and producers.

Advanced Sales Solutions include:

Estate Planning/Wealth Transfer
Retirement Income and Distribution Planning
Split Dollar
Deferred Compensation Plans
Executive Bonus
Business Continuation Planning
Multi-generational Planning
Premium Finance